Tresmorn Bracken
Birthday: December 22, 2017
Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Sire: Tresmorn The Abbott of Windmill
Dam: Rockhart Yesterday's Ravensara of Tresmorn
Nickname: "Tiny Baby Bracken"
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Ravensara freely whelped the rest of her litter...however
Bracken refused to budge high up in her uterus.  About 5 hours
after Brynn, Bracken entered the world screaming her head off
via c-section.  Bracken is the sensitive diva of the bunch.  She
also is very smart - in a way that benefits her the most.  For
example, if going straight to the car means she doesn't get a
leash put on, she will do that!  She also learned that I don't
want her jumping on me, so she just stands up on whatever is
close to me: a bed, the rail to the deck, her sister.  She has
always been a very powerful mover, and I think a future
huntress in training courtesy of her mother.