Holly McB of Tresmorn
Holly McB (short for McButter) came to stay with me as a foster from Cocker Spaniel
Resources after Arlo, Kona, and Peanut all died within a few weeks of each other.  
Holly had been surrendered to a humane society in Steven's Point Wisconsin, was
spayed, and a few days later had both her eye removed due to painful glaucoma.  
Then she was taken in my Cocker Spaniel Resources in Hudson, WI.  I adopted her
after about a month of fostering.  She was really unsure of herself with the big dogs
and being blind and put on quite a front.  Once she realized they were gentle, she now
rules the roost here.  I was told she had allergies to chicken per her previous owners,
and my vet diagnosed her with "end stage Cocker ears."  I switched her almost
immediately to a raw diet (that contains chicken) which she loved right off the bat, we
have found allergy meds and ear drops to control those issues, so she is comfortable
with all of that and regular grooming and bathing.  She also loves walks, though she
does have to stay on a leash.  This girl can howl, too, and gets all the hounds going.
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Birthday: June 9, 2009
Breed: Cocker Spaniel