Tresmorn Beyond The Moonbeam
Birthday: December 22, 2017
Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Sire: Tresmorn The Abbott of Windmill
Dam: Rockhart Yesterday's Ravensara of Tresmorn
Nickname: "Moon" "Tiny Moon" "Baby Butt"
When Peanut died at just over a year old, though it wasn't
unexpected, I was absolutely devastated.  Later in the year, I
decided I would breed Ravensara, so I could have a puppy
again.  The moment Moonbeam was born, there was just
something.  She was same color and weight as Peanut.  As
soon as she started walking, it was like she knew where
everything was, how to get outside, she knew everyone here.  
It was like she had been here before...or at least met someone
who was.  I believe Peanut sent me this girl...from Beyond the
Moon where the Heaven they are all waiting is at.  Moonbeam
was absolutely spoiled from birth.  She was never going
anywhere.  My new Hearthound had arrived.  She loves to be
with me, she sleeps on my bed each night, she loves walks,
going places, and she has a sort of intuition for anyone that is
hurting.  She will approach these people and give them tiny
kisses.  Two moments stand out for me.  One at a senior center
and once at the Ren Fest when a blind lady wanted to pet the
dogs through a massive crowd.  Moonbeam is truly a gift out of
this world and beyond a special girl.
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