Pet Therapy
In the past, Pascal and Jeressa were TDI Certified Therapy Dogs and visited a
local hospital as often as my work schedule would allow.  Jeressa also
attended an annual Blue Christmas service at our church for people struggling
with the holidays.  After their passing, I did not pursue therapy training with
any of my current hounds, because I always felt the dogs didn't enjoy the
hospitals.  They didn't like to bother the people in the beds, and it was too
warm in there for them.  

Now I take my dogs to a local nursing home about once a month.  Each
March, the Northstar Irish Wolfhound Club also does a visit to the Catholic
Eldercare facility in Minneapolis, MN.  There has only been one year we have
missed that due to my being sick.  In 2018, I brought the B Litter puppies to
the event, and boy were they a hit!  Also excellent for socialiation.  The
residents and staff really do look forward to seeing the dogs.
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