Tresmorn Aubrey
Birthday: January 19, 2016
Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Sire: Rockhart Xavier
Dam: Rockhart Quiry
Nickname: "Aubs"
After waiting nearly 12 1/2 years, I was finally able to have a litter
of my own.  Aubrey was the first puppy born at Tresmorn.  
Actually, her mother didn't read the book on how to let us know
she was going to go into labor, so Aubrey was born in the yard!  I
got a frantic call from my parents who were watching her while I
was at work (my PTO started the next day) and was able to come
home for the rest of the delivery.  Aubrey has always been
independent, too good of an eater, and thinks she's in charge.  
She is excessively smart and seems to be taking up some of the
roles (such as opening doors and escaping from expens) that
Jeressa left behind but also  is sweet at least once per day.   
Her Favorite Things:
  • Eating
  • Playing with Ravensara
  • Walks
  • Chasing bugs and butterflies
  • Proving she can do things
    even if she knows she
    shouldn't do them
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