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Breeding at Tresmorn is done on a very limited basis - only
when I want to keep puppies for myself and only parents
with the utmost health and soundness of mind and body.  
All Tresmorn puppies are naturally reared as much as
possible onto a raw diet with minimal vaccines and loads of
fresh air, socialization, and time with their littermates and
mother.  I would prefer to place puppies with owners who
already feed raw to their other dogs or would be willing to
continue this way of feeding.  Tresmorn mothers will be
screened by echocardiogram for any heart abnormalities
prior to breeding, have hips done by OFA or PennHIP, and
elbows done by OFA.  Sires that are not owned by me will
be deemed healthy by their breeders/owners.  All Tresmorn
puppies will be placed with a limited AKC registration as
companion dogs (not able to be bred from or shown) and be
tested negative for liver shunt, have a full veterinary exam,
chiropractic adjustment, and microchip before going to their
new homes.  At Tresmorn, I feel very strongly about the
quality of my puppies' future homes, so please be prepared
for my extensive puppy questionnaire, to come and visit the
hounds and myself, and be willing to have a home visit. I
expect to be a source of information, education, and help to
my puppy parents, and be a part of all my puppies' lives - if
only through photos, phone calls, and emails.  If you are
interested in adding a Tresmorn Irish Wolfhound to your
life, please
contact me.
Tresmorn Irish Wolfhounds - A Litter
Born: January 19, 2015
Rockhart Xavier x
Rockhart Quiry
Tresmorn Aubrey - female - red brindle
Tresmorn Adira Peanut - female - silver
Rockhart Raphael - male - gray brindle
Rockhart Hobbes - male - gray brindle
The Abbott of Tresmorn - male - gray brindle
Born: December 22, 2017
Tresmorn The Abbott of Windmill x
Rockhart Yesterday's Ravensara of Tresmorn
Tresmorn Brogan - male - red brindle
Tresmorn Beyond The Moonbeam - female - black brindle
Tresmorn Barley - male - cream brindle
Tresmorn Bristol - female - red brindle
Tresmorn Brynn - female - cream brindle
Tresmorn Bracken - female - red brindle
Tresmorn Irish Wolfhounds - B Litter
Tresmorn Irish Wolfhounds - C Litter
I am not planning another litter until possibly late 2019 or 2020.