Rockhart Eclipse
DOB: 06-09-04
Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Sire: Am/Can Ch. SBIS Rockhart Anthem
Dam: Am/Can Ch. SBIS NSBIS
Stoneybrook           Rockhart Rebecca
Eclipse came to live with in August 2011 with
Jolie from
Rockhart Irish Wolfhounds.  I have
been in love with Eclipse since the first time I
saw her at GLIWA in 2005, and that is why
Christiana saved a puppy from her first litter
for me (she is Mara's mother).  Clipse has a
lot of pizazz for such a grand old lady!
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Her Favorite Things:
  • Lure coursing!!!  She is absolutely insane and
    almost pulled me down the first time she saw the
  • Going on walks.  She leaps through the air and
    dances at walk time.
  • Having her ears rubbed and laying at my feet or
    laying her head in my lap in the evening.
  • Being brushed
  • Canine Massage