Conchobar Jolie
DOB: 07-02-06
Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Sire: BIS Ita Ch. Conchobar Cerbero
Dam: Int Fra Ita Ch. Stoneybrook Sandslash
Jolie came to live with me in August 2011 with
Eclipse from
Rockhart Irish Wolfhounds.  Her
mom and Pascal's mom were sisters.  Jolie is an
extremely laid back dog.  She is pretty much
okay with anything or anywhere we go.  She
does have a particular dislike of being groomed
but will put up with it if I insist.  Jolie hates to
have her picture taken however much I try.
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Her Favorite Things:
  • Being with me
  • Going on walks for about 5 minutes; then
    walking next to me the rest of the time.
  • Napping on the bolster bed
  • Treat time in the morning
  • Prostrating herself across my lap when
    she wants to be petted