Sasha Lady
~04-14-94 to 02-23-08
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Nickname: "Lades"
I got Sasha from the Humane Society in April 2001.  She was my first dog
of my own, so I learned so much from her.  She suffered many maladies
that afflict the breed of Cocker Spaniel, but she was trooper through it all.  
More important was her love of rides in the car, getting food at the drive up
window, and her own grunting language to let me know what she wanted.  
I helped Sasha to Heaven after a long battle with intestinal lymphoma.  I
could write pages about this special girl, but to sum it up: she was the best
and there never will be another like her!
~03-17-91 to 01-17-08
Breed: Shih Tzu
Nickname: "Brode Man"
Brody came to live with me in February 2003 after he was brought
into the clinic where I worked at the time to be euthanized.  He had
severely neglected dry eye and skin allergies which his elderly
owner could not handle.  He was still a very spunky dog and his
problems were easy to treat...until he developed glaucoma in both his
eyes that didn't respond to medication.  Look closely at his photo, he
is the "little dog with no eyes."  He still lived a good life for years
after his eye removals, and he was the sweetest old man!  I helped
Brody to heaven when his arthritis became so severe he was no
longer comfortable.
05-05-94 to 01-24-09
Nicknames: "Love Keetay" "My Love"
Dyno came to our family in November of 1994; 2 months after my mom declared we would
never have any more animals.  Our childhood cat, Moses, had just died.  Within just a few
months, she chose her spot on the bed between my feet and would lay with me at any
chance and lick and kneed my arms...something she did until the day she died.  It is so very
difficult, because Dyno has always been there.  She moved with me several times, and it
didn’t matter where we were just as long as she was with me.  She also tolerated a massive
influx of dogs and a few other cats.  Dyno was not healthy for a long time.  She was
diagnosed and treated for hyperthyroidism in 2002, followed by diabetes in 2003, and
somewhere in there mast cell tumors as well, and finally some kidney issues.  She was
always so good for everything.  I watched while the spunky kitten with the glossy, black coat
aged to a somewhat flakey, but still beautiful to me, old lady.  I cannot believe she is gone,
and I still think every bunched up pair of black sweatpants or a blanket is her.  I helped
Dyno to Heaven, when very suddenly, she went into shock and had complete organ failure.
~1991 to 05-21-07
Nickname: "Dayad Keetay"
I got Dad from the Humane Society in the summer of 2000, where I
worked at the time.  He was originally brought to the shelter with "Mom"
and "Little Girl" who were both euthanized due to aggression.  Dad was at
the shelter for quite sometime, and I became attached to the old man.  He
spoke sort of a language. "Brow Row" he'd say, and if you replied he
would repeat it.  He was such an awesome cat!  I helped Dad to heaven
after a long battle with kidney failure.
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What am I left with?  A clipping of hair, a paw print pressed in
clay, a jar on the shelf, and your things: collars, toys, an empty
dog dish, sweaters, and blankets.  It is not enough...

But I do have memories, the lessons you taught me, the way you
touched my heart and changed my life.  I hope we get to meet
again someday, and I can hug and hold you once more.
10-31-04 to 07-29-10
Pascal's story is in the link to his own page.  Unfortunately, my sweet boy
developed immune-mediated meningitis on 07-05-10, and he was placed
on large doses of prednisone to suppress his immune system.  He was
improving in great strides, but on 07-28-10, he developed pnemonia.  
Antibiotics, nubulizing, and his poor body could not win the fight against
it.  He died in his sleep sometime between 12:30 and 4 AM.  I miss my
big, goofy boy with the giant white socks more than words can describe.
December 13, 2000 to April 17, 2010
The loss of my special Angel, Kamille, is beyond expressing in words.
After a 9 month battle with kidney disease and a 2 month battle with
kidney failure, I had to help my perfect girl to Heaven.  Please read her
story and enjoy her photos on her own
page.  To have even had the
opportunity to share my life with her, the best friend and companion I
could ever ask for, was such a blessing!  If only I could cuddle with you
once more, say a proper good-bye and thank you for all you have given me.
September 24, 2003 to November 26, 2013
Rowen was my very first Irish Wolfhound.  I was so lucky that she
lived a long and healthy life for an Irish Wolfhound.  A year before
she passed away, she got pneumonia for the first time, and after
that, we never could quite get it cleared up.  Then one morning,
even though she wasn't coughing and didn't have a fever, I could
just tell her old body was tired and that she had had enough.  
Though I helped her to Heaven, I have a small bit of peace knowing
she was ready to go.  Please read her story on her own
July 18, 2008 to December 8, 2013
My baby girl, Naraya, what am I ever going to do without you?  With Irish Wolfhounds, you
know they don't often live very long, but they are such precious souls that some of them just
become your whole world.  And when they leave this world, always much too soon, it can
almost destroy you.  Naraya was born with an internal abnormality - she didn't have sphincters
between her ureters and bladder.  In spring of 2012, the urine started backing up into one of her
ureters and kidney.  Miraculously, she survived a long and complicated surgery to remove the
affected kidney and ureter.  She was like a whole new dog.  Then 8 months later, she got her
first bout of pneumonia.  We battled with this pretty much all of 2013.  Then a week before she
died, her appetite decreased, and she seemed to have severe neck pain.  We did a barium
swallow at work, because she had a nasty rattling cough, and some of the barium got stuck in
her esophagus.  After this, she became deathly ill for 2 1/2 days before I had to let her go.  My
veterinarian is convinced she had a stricture or cancer perhaps coming off her spine that was
obstructing her esophagus.  This is a loss I am struggling with greatly and am not likely to ever
be okay with it, despite the fact that Naraya was a great fighter and lived longer than anybody
expected.  Please check out Naraya's
page for her story and lovely pictures.
~July 4, 1999 to May 7 2014
Rocket or as he was mostly known as Red Man was a sweet, blind, old
fellow that never caused a problem from the time I rescued him in
2009 until he passed away.  He was Jolie's favorite, as she loved to
mother him like he was her puppy.  Rocket started with just a general
slow decline of appetite, activity, and everything about 4 months before
he passed away.  I was very sick with pneumonia, when he decided it
was his time.  So I helped him to Heaven the day I went back to work
after being so sick.  God speed Red Man where I am sure you can see
once again.  Please see his story and other photos of him on his
June 4, 2004 to July 14, 2014
Eclipse was very prone to infections, and so we battled all sorts of those for years - bladder, stool,
pneumonia, skin, mastitis, pyometra.  During one such infection, she had a reaction to medication
that caused fecal incontinence and rear end trouble.  We also fought and treated a heart arrhythmia
for 2 1/2 years before it progressed and had to deal with a very sensitive digestive system.  As
time went on, Eclipse developed decreased esophageal emptying and had to be on medication and
eat mushy food while standing up the stairs.  Eclipse had a decline in mobility of her rear end over
3-4 months.  I thought it was from lack of activity during a super hard winter (which was part of
the issue), but truly her heart was failing.  I helped Eclipse to Heaven after a bad weekend that
caused her to ready to be done fighting.  Oh, Clipsey.  We had such a rough road together with all
your health issues, but you were a fighter, my sweet girl, stubborn and tough as nails!  I was
willing to do anything I could as long as you wanted to keep fighting.  I never could give up on
you, my strong girl!  I waited until you were ready to be done.  I already miss your dance at walk
time and your hopping for dinner.  Please read more about Eclipse on her
March 31, 2008 to May 10, 2015
I still have not been able to deal fully with losing Mara after her battle
with osteosarcoma.  She loved life so much, and was so very strong, I
can't do justice to write anything here just yet.  I will say, she was
running in the fields 2 weeks before she died...and then in the blink of
an eye she was gone.  It was so not fair she had to deal with this
disease and in the end succumb to it anyway.
August 15, 2006 to February 1, 2016
Jeressa was in the best shape of her life at 9 years old - my resident
trouble-maker.  I noticed her slowing down through the winter.  She
vomited one morning and didn't feel well for the next few days.  I
brought her into the vet, and it was found that her liver and other
places were full of cancer.  I had to let her go then, as I could see she
was ready.  Who knew my whirlwind of a dog would depart as a wisp
of a breeze in the space of a few days?
March 31, 2013 to March 21, 2016
Vendetta blew through this life like her peronality - crazy at at Mach 10.  By pure accident, it
was found she was in a-fib at 2 1/2 years old.  She seemed to being doing well with
treatment.  On a Saturday, she was running at the field like a nut.  I saw her eating
something that looked like poop.  She was feeling sick late that night - wanting to be outside
and vomiting.  An emergency visit the next day, found she had pneumonia...she was dead 5
hours later.  I had a necropsy done, and it was an extremely fast-growing e.coli that got her -
probably from aspiration pneumonia and worsened by her bad heart (that was a huge flaccid
balloon on necropsy).  This is the heartbreak of the breed, and nothing I ever expected.  I
still beat myself up for not bringing her in sooner or not being able to do more, but in the
end, it may never have helped.  I am so very sorry, Vendetta, that your life was so short, but
I loved you (and your mother did, too) as much as we were able.
July 2, 2006 to March 29, 2016
Sweet, sweet Jolie.  I miss you SO much...more than I ever realized.  Your calm presence
was a balm to my soul and to our family of dogs here.  Jolie had heart disease since she
came to live with my at 5 years old.  She was well-manged on medication until she went
into heart failure in February of 2015.  A change of medication, and she did well until June.  
Then more medications were changed/added, and she continued to thrive.  She still loved
her daily walks, the morning howling group song as I left for work, and eating anything she
could.  Of all things, I had to let her go after she perforated a stomach/intestinal ulcer.  This
could be from kidney damage from the years of heart medication, or from the
anti-inflammatory she was on for arthritis, or a combination of the two.  Still, she was again
not sick for long, and left calmly and dignified as she lived.  It is my selfish self that wishes
she never had to leave.  And now, no one  here sings anymore.  The song is over.