Rockhart Yesterday's Ravensara of Tresmorn
DOB: 07-17-15
Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Sire: Rockhart Nickolai
Dam: Rockhart Raphaela Requiem
It had been ages since there has been a puppy here at Tresmorn (from 2008 to
2015). My breeder, Lynn Simon of Rockhart Irish Wolfhounds, told me about the
plans of Ravensara's breeding, and I instantly expressed interest in a girl puppy if
there was one he would be willing to let go of.  Her pedigree goes back to almost
every important dog I love.  Kamille is 5 generations back.  Eclipse comes through
because her brother is Nicky's dad.  Jolie is Raphaela's mom.  Mara not only
comes through through Eclipse but also she is Kamille's great granddaughter and
half sister to Raphaela's dad Lestat.  And Nadahlia and Naraya appear as their
brother is her Dad.  I fell in love with this baby girl when I first met her at 6 weeks is her eyes.  They get me every time.  She has Naraya/Nadahlia/Vendetta
eyes.  I was not sure I was going to blessed with a puppy with this
much-coveted-by-me litter, but I was!  I will not ever forget being told as I was
carrying this sweet baby to my car by Lynn, "I hope this helps you deal some with
all your losses."  And it most certainly has.  Ravensara has grown to have the best
personality.  She really thinks everyone in this world is simply here to see her.  
She is such a joy to have in my family and to get to share each and every day
with.  She is the Irish Wolfhound that I had always dreamed of raising and owning.
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Her Favorite Things:
  • Meeting new people
  • Riding with her face out the
    car window
  • Walks
  • Chasing anything moving:
    bags, toys, leaves, etc.
  • Toys and treats of any kind