Claybrook Rocket's Red Glare
DOB: ~July 4, 1999
Breed: Long-Haired Whippet/Windsprite

"Rock" "Red"
"Little Red Man"
"Pocket Rocket"

His Favorite Things:
  • Napping on large dog beds or our
  • Curling up with the big dogs
Rocket came to us as sort of a rescue in April 2009.   
Long-Haired Whippets are actually a mix of Whippet and
Shetland Sheepdog.  His previous owners could no longer keep
him, so I was helping to find him a home.
 Local regular
Whippet rescue was graciously going to help ship him to the
Long-Haired Whippet people in New York.    I got him from
his old owner, and I was to leave him with Whippet rescue at
lure coursing.  Even after having him for just 24 hours, it was
hard to leave him!  Later that evening, I got a call, and they
thought he was too frail to make the flight.  Plus he was upset
when I left him, so I drove back over and picked him up.  He
is completely blind...rather sad, a sighthound that can't see.  He
is an extremely quiet, sweet boy who just needs a little love
and petting.  It only took a few months for him to adapt to our
house.  He can walk to the back door to go outside, climbs up
on our bed, and finds his dinner very nicely (he has gained 3#)!
Lounging in the van
1st night with us as a foster...hahaha.
I love the new bolster bed!!
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New sweater
Big dog bones are fun!
Rocket's new bed!