Rockhart Vendetta
DOB: 03-31-13
Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Sire: Rockhart Suspicion
Dam: Rockhart Nadahlia, JC
Vendetta joined our family on September 25, 2014.  
People who really know my dogs and myself, know how I
am so in love with the N litter of Lynn Simon's
Irish Wolfhounds and all the dogs in the that litter that I
have been able to know (especially those that I've been
able to spend my life with).  I had so wanted a puppy of
Nadahlia's, as I was on a list for a puppy.  Sadly, she only
had a litter of 3, and he kept 2 of those Vendetta and her
brother, Vengeance.  This spring, my mom and I were
visiting Lynn's house, and my mom picked out Vendetta
as her favorite dog there.  She kept asking me why
Vendetta couldn't just come live with me.  So I finally just
asked if I could have her, and guess what?  I could.   
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Her Favorite Things:
  • Squeak toys
  • Racing around on walks
    trying to get everyone to play
    with her
  • Her mother, Nadahlia
  • Meeting new people
  • Being told she's a "good girl"