Tresmorn Aubrey

Sire: Rockhart Xavier
Dam: Rockhart Quiry
Born here January 19, 2016

OFA Results

Aubrey was the first puppy born at Tresmorn, and it was a surprise when her mother had her outside in a snowbank!  Aubrey’s name means “leader of the elves,” because she ruled over her brothers with an iron paw!  She is an independent soul who prefers to be in charge and only have attention when she demands.  She took the loss of her brothers going to new homes and the loss of her sister in 2017 quite hard but was consoled when she got to rule over the B litter as Auntie Aubs.  Then the loss of her mother in 2020 very hard on her indeed, but she continues to find joy in our daily walks and finding something nasty to roll in!

Aubrey is retired from breeding/showing.